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Wooden Windows are more Resistant to Fire

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Wooden Windows Are Better Fire Resistant

You may think this information makes no sense, but first let me explain!

With recent record-breaking high temperatures and countless fires across Europe, it’s becoming important to have effective ways of protecting your home from heat and fire.

Wood is renowned for being an excellent insulator, ensuring a warmer temperature in winter and a cooler one in summer, and therefore reducing your electricity bills for heating and air conditioning.

Known as a sustainable development material that respects the environment, wood is an infinite source of resources: every tree cut down is offset by the planting of one or more trees of the same or different species.

But did you know that wood is much more resistant to fire than other commonly used materials?

While wooden windows can withstand temperatures of up to 200 degrees, PVC windows quickly change shape at 110 degrees and release noxious toxic fumes when they melt in the heat.

Wood may char on the surface, but its underlying structure is protected, whereas metal windows become unbearably hot at high temperatures and the plastic component of PVC deforms rapidly.

Thanks to their specific technical features that protect against heat, wood and wood-aluminium doors and windows can be further strengthened and withstand flames for up to an hour without losing their function.

With over 20 years’ experience in the market, Mestre Raposa International® proudly identifies itself as a new-generation company that prioritizes the use of environmentally friendly materials. The 5,000 projects we have successfully completed in Southern Europe and France rank us as a supplier of reliable, innovative solutions. Our dedication to satisfying the needs of new and existing customers alike, through our range of sustainable and environmentally friendly construction products, sets us apart in a highly competitive sector.

Unlike many of its competitors, who subcontract their production without regard to the origin of the raw materials, Mestre Raposa International® always ensures that the manufacturing process for its wooden and aluminium entrance doors, balcony doors and windows is based on the use of wood species and fittings from safe, internationally certified sources, thus complying with current environmental standards and guaranteeing a high level of protection against risks and external factors.

The company’s presence extends beyond its headquarters in Loulé, Portugal, with subsidiaries in France and Spain. This international reach enables the company to cater for a diverse customer base and expand its horizons in the world of modern, eco-conscious architecture responding to recent climate change.

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