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Guillotine windows

Guillotine windows, also known as Sash windows, are a distinctive and unique architectural element with a rich history in window design.


Guillotine windows consist of two vertically aligned glass panels that can be smoothly slid up and down along built-in tracks. This design permits precise control over the window’s opening, allowing residents to regulate ventilation and natural light within a space.

They feature two vertically stacked panels that enable users to adjust the amount of air and natural light entering a room.

Guillotine windows often incorporate counterweight mechanisms that facilitate the smooth movement of the panels.


The system includes wooden counterweights that facilitate the balanced movement of the sliding panels, allowing them to remain securely in any desired position. Additionally, traditional wooden pulleys and sash cords are used to guide the window’s movement, providing both durability and ease of use.


MR 68 G

Technical drawings


Frame Size

68 mm

Double Glazing

24 mm (4+16 Argon/Warm Edge+4)




Paint, Wood Stain

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