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Arch Windows

Arch windows, often referred to as «Fenêtres Cintrées» in French, represent a sophisticated architectural element with a pronounced curvature.


Arch windows typically feature a wooden frame that is meticulously engineered to accommodate the curvature, with specially designed glazing to fit the arched opening accurately. The geometry and mullion design play a critical role in the structural integrity and aesthetics of the arched window. The key technical aspect lies in their precise construction, which requires specialized techniques to form the curved shape. Their structural integrity is achieved with reinforced frames.


MR 68, MR 78 or MR 88


Precision-crafted hardware includes custom-designed hinges and locking mechanisms, ensuring a secure and airtight seal. These fittings are engineered to bear the weight of the arch window sash and provide smooth operation for years to come. The integration of these fittings into the overall window design is essential to achieve optimal functionality and longevity in arched window installations.

technical drawings


Frame Size

68 mm, 78 mm or 88 mm

Double Glazing

24mm (4+16 Argon/Warm Edge+4)


Siegenia Titan


Paint, Wood Stain

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