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Mouton et Gueule de

Loup Windows

As a reminder of the style of windows dating back to the 18th-century is France, the «Mouton et Gueule de Loup» windows contributes to the preservation of France’s heritage.


The «Mouton et Gueule de Loup» windows are particularly suited to the renovation of monumental and / or protected buildings, Haussmann style appartments or simply for the love of the vintage and authentic designs.

Composed by two wings:  the first one is made of a full half-round called “Mouton” – sheep.

The second wing has a recessed moulding that is described as a “Gueule de Loup” – wolf’s mouth.

When the window is closed, the moulding of the first sash, made of a solid half-round, fits into the moulding of the second hollowed sash.

This type of closure offers a significant advantage. It makes possible to create very large windows. It is ideal for Parisian homes with high ceilings.


Gueule de Loup windows can use either Espagnolette or Cremone vertical bar closures: surface-mounted hardware that can be used as a decorative embellishment in a range of styles to suit the building and its interior. Reproduction side hinges are also available to complement the character of a period property.


MR 56 GDL or MR 68 GDL

Profile System MR 68mm


Frame Size

56 mm or 68 mm

Double Glazing

24 mm (4 mm + 16 mm Argon/Warm Edge + 4 mm)




Paint, Wood Stain

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