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Balcony Doors

Balcony doors, a crucial component of architectural design, provide a seamless connection between indoor and outdoor spaces.


Mestre Raposa International® balcony doors are equipped with specialized hardware, including handles that facilitate effortless opening and closing. The glazing options frequently incorporate energy-efficient, low-emissivity glass to improve thermal insulation. Our designs can range from traditional to modern, adapting to the architectural style and requirements of a project, offering both elegance and practicality.


Balcony doors are equipped with precision-engineered hardware to guarantee smooth operation, security, and an airtight seal. The choice of handles, locks and hinges plays a pivotal role in the door’s functionality and appearance. The hardware is designed to withstand the wear and tear of daily use, providing long-lasting performance.


MR 68, MR 78 or MR 88



Frame Size

68 mm, 78 mm or 88 mm

Double Glazing

24mm (4+16 Argon/Warm Edge+4)


Siegenia Titan


Paint, Wood Stain

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Wooden balcony doors with four leaves in golden tones in a farmhouse

A detailed white wooden balcony door

Arched white wooden balcony doors with Georgian bars in a farmhouse