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Lift & Slide Doors

Lift and Slide doors are designed to enhance natural light, ventilation and panoramic views, making them a preferred choice for residential and commercial spaces.


Lift & Slides are the classic sliding doors and Mestre Raposa’s are also inherently robust. Along with multiple opening types, this system allows for widths of up to 6 metres and heights of 2.8 metres. Whether used in residential, commercial or institutional settings, they bring a touch of sophistication and an abundance of natural light to the space. Their versatility, combined with advanced engineering, makes them a favoured choice for those seeking a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor living.


The lift and slide hardware Siegenia HS provides effortless door movement, allowing for a secure and airtight seal when closed. Equipped with precision-engineered, ensuring a smooth and reliable function.


MR 68, MR 78 or MR 88

Type I


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