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Entrance Doors

Wooden entrance doors can be customized to suit various architectural styles, whether adorning residential, commercial or institutional structures. The great easiness of use, longevity and security are the key factors to choose the best door.


A good entrance door must be resistant, insulating and ensuring a respect of the house aesthetics. Mestre Raposa’s wooden entrance doors are meticulously crafted featuring a robust cross-section and an impressive high height, completed by a 3-points locking system that ensures Anti Burglar for high security protection.

Whether your style is classic, contemporary or modern, our well designed and durable wooden entrance doors will give your property all its richness.


Our profiles allow the use of various handle sets and special hinges, providing flexibility to select hardware that suits the house design and the practical needs. The 3-point and 5-point GU secury locking system along with a high-security cylinder guarantees the safety of the house.


MR 68, MR 78 or MR 88

technical drawings


Frame Size

68 mm, 78 mm, 88 mm

Double Glazing

24mm (4+16 Argon/Warm Edge+4)


GU Secury


Paint, Wood Stain

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