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Wood-Aluminium Windows, what if you could get the best of both materials?

Wood-aluminium window, showroom of Mestre Raposa International® Loulé, Portugal

Wood-Aluminium Windows, what if you could get the best of both materials?

Mestre Raposa International® wood-aluminium windows are the product of two high-quality window materials. While you enjoy the natural look and good insulating properties of wood on the inside, the aluminium on the outside guarantees high weather resistance and a minimum of maintenance. Discover all the other advantages and our competitive prices.

Our Wood-Aluminium Windows offer many advantages

From a technical point of view, a wood-aluminium window is a wooden window with an aluminium exterior shell on the window frame. The advantages of wood come into play indoors, which, thanks to its excellent thermal insulation, resulting in low energy loss and allows you to save on heating costs in the long term. The natural regulation of the room climate also has a positive effect on your health. In addition, the natural grain of the wood ensures incomparable aesthetic distinction.

Externally, the aluminium distinguishes itself with remarkable durability. Even rain, hail and other weather events cannot harm Mestre Raposa International® wood-aluminium windows. Both visually and functionally, they meet the highest demands with minimal care and maintenance even after several decades.

Properties, Advantages and Disadvantages:

Thanks to their fusion of modernity and tradition, our wood-aluminium windows are becoming increasingly popular. Aluminium as a high-tech element and wood as a natural material combine to create a technologically advanced window that is characterized, for example, by superior energy efficiency, strength and durability, with only minor weaknesses in terms of sustainability. 

Learn more about all the advantages and disadvantages of our modern wood-aluminium windows.

Energy Efficiency

The low thermal conductivity of wood ensures that Mestre Raposa International® wood-aluminium windows are highly insulating. Since the heat is retained within the house during winter, less heating is required, thus reducing your energy costs in the long term. During the summer, wood-aluminium windows ensure a pleasant interior ambience as the heat does not enter the house. Here, too, you make savings because less energy is required for cooling. With the appropriate glazing, our wood-aluminium windows meet passive house standards.

The ecological balance is also positive since wood is a renewable and climate-neutral raw material. In addition, our wood-aluminium windows have a positive CO2 score, as trees absorb greenhouse gases during the growth phase. Aluminium is slightly less ecologically friendly due to the energy required to manufacture it, but this is offset by a long service life. In addition, it can be 100% recycled after use.


The aluminium cladding ensures that Mestre Raposa International® wood-aluminium windows are particularly weather-resistant, robust and durable. The windows can last for up to 50 years because aluminium is corrosion proof and unaffected by moisture, dust and sunlight. Our windows are exceptional in that they are almost maintenance-free and require only limited care: a little warm water with a neutral household cleaner and a sponge or soft cloth are all you need.

Burglary Protection

Thanks to their extremely stable materials, our wooden and aluminium window frames offer particularly effective burglary protection and are more difficult to open than PVC windows for example. In addition to the window frame, burglar-resistant glazing, support fittings and professional installation also contribute to the protection of your property.

Fire Protection

In terms of fire protection, the wood-aluminium windows from Mestre Raposa International® are excellent. Although wood is combustible, it exhibits enormous dimensional stability when exposed to great heat. This means that it remains stable for a long time in the event of a fire or at a temperature of 200 degrees Celsius because the carbon layer that forms on the surface has an insulating effect and protects the material. The aluminium exterior cladding also has a stabilizing effect as it is non-flammable.

Special Design

Wood-aluminium windows from Mestre Raposa International® have an elegant design that is equally suited to private homes as well as public and commercial buildings.

Furthermore, they offer a wide range of design possibilities: every conceivable window shape is possible, from arched to squared, from sliding doors to folding units. You can also choose from a wide range of colors and textures for the aluminium cladding. The same goes for the design of the wooden interior face of your wood-aluminium windows.

A wide range of colors, shapes and textures is available in our catalogue to match the overall look of your residential or commercial space.


If your home is in an area where noise nuisances are significant and cause long-term discomfort, Mestre Raposa International® windows, combined with suitable glazing, can reduce this discomfort.

Soundproof windows are divided into six sound insulation classes, designed for volumes between 25 and over 50 decibels. 25 decibels correspond roughly to the volume of a breath and is recommended for noise protection in quiet residential areas.

The volume of a television set in a room is 55 decibels. This level of noise occurs all the time on busy main roads. When choosing the right soundproofing, be sure to identify the room to be insulated. For example, you need more silence in a bedroom than in a kitchen, so choose a higher or lower sound insulation class for each type of space.


Mestre Raposa International® wood-aluminium windows are supplied with a ventilation system that maintains an optimal room climate and allows air to circulate freely in all spaces.

Our windows feature a tilting opening option that, when open, renews the fresh air and prevents the development of mold due to excess humidity.

This variant enables ventilation that remains totally independent of weather conditions, even when you’re away.

Ventilation grilles are another alternative: barely visible, these mechanical slots are placed in the rebate of the window and provide automatic ventilation, without the need for user intervention when the window is closed.

Durability and Maintenance

The maintenance effort for Mestre Raposa International® wood-aluminium windows is minimal whilst, in contrast, their durability is immensely high with a minimum 30-year lifespan. One reason for this is that the aluminium cladding protects the wood from the elements such as moisture. Aluminium is so strong and robust that it reacts imperceptibly to these influences and does not deteriorate either visually or functionally, even after decades.

Exterior care is therefore limited to simply cleaning with soapy water when necessary. On the interior, the only work to be done would be if you chose to paint the wood a different colour at some stage. You also have the option to treat the wood periodically with a dedicated care lotion. Fittings and seals always require more regular care and attention to ensure product longevity.

Mestre Raposa International® is a window company specializing in wood and wood-aluminium windows in southern Europe. The environmental demands on materials, production techniques and the appropriate surface treatments are higher than in Central and Northern Europe, especially for projects in coastal locations.

Our products are tested by the FCBA Institute in Bordeaux (France) and the technical institute of University of Coimbra (Portugal).

We have completed over 5000 projects of all sizes, both uncomplicated and creatively challenging. Let us advise you.