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Why Wooden Windows?

Wooden windows combine modernity and authenticity

White wooden windows

What represent a wooden window or door?

As a natural resource, wood is an ecological raw material that is in constant abundance and easily regenerated thanks to the way it is exploited around the world, in a reasoned and sustainable approach.

Anyone who chooses wooden windows and doors thinks of a better future. The raw material is constantly growing and can be fully biodegraded. Wooden windows and doors are environmentally friendly. Wood ages, but it can be gracefully renovated, unlike other materials.

Wooden windows have a special character and have always been a classic of the carpentry work. In addition to its ecological qualities, wood is a warm, tactile and a living material that brings a sense of well-being and elegance to any space.

Available in a wide range of colors, shapes and finishes, wooden windows are obviously irreplaceable. Whether installed in older buildings or in more modern residential and commercial projects, they will always remain an essential classic of exterior joinery.

From a technical point of view, wooden windows offer excellent performance: the structure of the frame is more stable and the profiles do not sag over time under the weight of the door or window. In case of fire, wooden windows resist longer and do not release dioxins or toxic gases, unlike other materials such as PVC.

Mestre Raposa Portugal® offers a wide variety of entrance doors, patio doors and windows, in different shapes and colors, to suit any architectural project. Our wood range includes Pine, Meranti, Oak, Larch (subject to availability) and Accoya, with international certifications delivered on request: FSC® or PEFC®.

The wood and wood-aluminium profiles have been tested at two renowned international technological institutions: the Technical Institute (ITCONS) of the University of Coimbra in Portugal and the FCBA Bordeaux in France.

Our company’s experience in this area has shown us the importance of the choice of products and the manufacturing and storage processes for exterior carpentries, as well as their impact on the construction field. In fact, Mestre Raposa International® prioritizes the use of anti-moisture treatments and durable varnish finishes from the Austrian manufacturer Adler, as well as cutting-edge manufacturing using ultra-modern CNC machines from the German manufacturer Weinig.

Mestre Raposa International® windows and doors are impressively durable with a guarantee of up to 20 years for Accoya and 10 years for other types of wood.

Our company has an extensive experience in France and Southern Europe. Please contact us to make you successfully realize your construction or renovation projects. Our range of wood and wood-aluminium windows will meet all your technical and architectural requirements.

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White Wooden Window