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Maintain Rather than Paint!

Choose Low-Maintenance Wood Windows to Avoid Frequent Repainting

Window maintenance kit by Mestre Raposa International®

Mestre Raposa International® wood-aluminium windows are the result of combining two high-quality window materials: on the inside, you benefit from the natural look and good insulating properties of wood, while on the outside, aluminium promises energy efficiency, strength, and low maintenance.

High-quality wooden windows and doors are designed using an environmentally friendly process and finished with a high-performance water-based varnish.

Like all quality components, wooden windows and doors require regular maintenance to ensure the durability of the material, its aesthetic appeal (color and shape) and its technical functionality.

Cleaning Wooden Window Surfaces

Regular cleaning of the sash and frame of wooden windows, from the outside as well as the inside, is enormously important: use mild cleaning agents with a pH between 5 and 8. The best products to use are environmentally friendly household cleaners, neutral all-purpose cleaners, or neutral soaps. Under no circumstances should you apply aggressive substances such as solvent-based cleaners, abrasive agents, or all-purpose alkaline cleaners.

Cleaning the Exterior of Wood-Aluminium Windows

We recommend checking the exterior aluminum cladding at least once a year. In the event of heavy soiling or environmental pollution, the surface should only be cleaned with water. For heavy stains, mildly alkaline detergents (pH above 7) can also be used.

Cleaning and Maintenance of Tilt-and-Turn Fittings on Wooden Windows and Doors

After a period of approximately one year following installation, the fittings should also be checked, as the window frames may have sagged slightly due to their weight, especially when heavy safety glass is used.  Regular maintenance of hardware mechanisms and locking parts requires the use of resin-free oil.

Our Maintenance Kit

A complete maintenance kit for wooden windows and doors from Austrian manufacturer Adler can also be ordered from Mestre Raposa International® for a price of  €29.50 plus delivery fees.

The kit contains the following items:

– Adler Top-Cleaner 250 ml

– Adler Top Care 250 ml

– 2 Spray Heads

– 1 Cleaning Wipe (Top-Cleaner)

– 1 Maintenance Wipe (Top-Care)

More information also available at : 

Adler Window Maintenance Kit