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As an innovative manufacturer of wood and wood-aluminium windows and doors, Mestre Raposa International® is committed to redefining the prominence of wood products in the market, offering a comprehensive range that extends to the realm of finishes.

Color variations are of paramount importance, setting wooden windows and doors apart from other materials. What distinguishes wood is its unique ability to be painted in any desired color, providing an unmatched versatility that allows our customers to tailor their windows and doors to their specific preferences.

NCS Color Systems

Recognizing the evolving complexity of color language in contemporary design, Mestre Raposa International® has engaged in numerous discussions with architects and project developers. This dialogue has revealed that color is not only gaining significance in fashion and product design but also in natural products such as stone, metal and the wood used in window frames.

The ‘RAL Classic,’ introduced in 1927, remains the most crucial color collection in architecture, comprising 213 standardized colors widely reproducible across the industry. Mestre Raposa International® exclusively works with 203 shades from the RAL palette, the most commonly used shades for wood/wood-aluminium windows.

For discerning customers, we now proudly offer the Natural Color System (NCS), a comprehensive collection of 1950 shades, specifically curated for our high-quality wooden door and window products. Explore our color palette at By combining the RAL Classic and Natural Color System (NCS) palettes, Mestre Raposa offers a total of 2153 shades, surpassing all other existing color options for aluminum or plastic windows and doors.

NCS Color Systems In Use 3 Step Process

In addition to our diverse color offerings, Mestre Raposa International® places a strong emphasis on finishes. We understand that the final touch is crucial in enhancing the aesthetic appeal and durability of wooden windows and doors. Our finishes are carefully selected to protect against environmental factors and wear while preserving the natural beauty of wood. Whether you prefer a classic varnish, a modern lacquer or a specialized protective coating, our range of finishes is designed to meet the highest standards of quality and longevity.

Our dedicated team at Mestre Raposa International® works with enthusiasm to continually enhance our range of natural wood products, including finishes that add an extra layer of sophistication and protection. The addition of the Natural Color System NCS color palette represents just one aspect of our commitment to providing comprehensive solutions.

As a European supplier and manufacturer specializing in wood and wood-aluminium products, Mestre Raposa International® meets stringent environmental demands on materials, production techniques and surface treatments, particularly for projects in coastal locations. Whether your project is uncomplicated or creatively challenging, we have successfully completed over 1000 wooden windows and doors projects of all sizes. Rest assured, our products are rigorously tested by the FCBA Institute in Bordeaux and the University of Coimbra.