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Window and Door Solutions for Professionals

Since 2001, we have been committed to satisfying the needs of all our customers in Portugal and France by differentiating ourselves in several key areas

Founded over 20 years ago, Mestre Raposa International® is now a leading company in the window and door market in Southern Europe and France.

Our products and solutions are based on the latest generation of German technology and are the result of exceptional know-how guaranteeing unfailing resistance. Our product range includes a variety of historic as well as modern style elements. All orders are made to measure and customized to meet the specific requirements of any architectural project.

Mestre Raposa has been established in France for ten years. We work with a relatively small circle of around one hundred professional customers and pride ourselves on winning 3-4 new clients every month. Our main objective is to offer exceptional solutions to a specific growing customer base, at a very attractive price. The size of individual orders has no negative influence: the larger the order, the better the price.

We fully understand the challenges you face as a customer in the marketplace and we know that you need the right solutions at the right price. That’s why we’re committed to becoming your trusted partner by consistently delivering the right solutions for all your projects.

For many years, Mestre Raposa has worked exclusively with professionals in the construction area: architects, contractors and installation companies are all part of our customer portfolio.

Our back-office team, made up of sales and technical advisers with in-depth knowledge of the sector, is always on hand to guide you in your choices, based on the technical and architectural specifications of your business needs.

Regardless of the complexity of your project, our highly qualified experts will be able to help you surpass difficult design requirements and obtain the right product.

On the technical side, our production uses the latest CNC technology from German machine manufacturer Weinig. This enables us to supply a wide range of products with high added value. The advantage of this manufacturing system is that only a small number of people are needed to operate these machines, which is becoming increasingly important at a time of growing labor shortages.

The quality of Mestre Raposa International® products is industry recognized. Our windows and doors range offers architects and industry professionals building solutions that support sustainable and environmentally friendly manufacturing initiatives with energy-efficient products and solutions.

The many partnerships we have developed in recent years with various players in the window and door industry have enabled us to develop very high-quality profiles that can meet the most rigorous architectural requirements, particularly for the renovation of old historic sites in France and abroad.

Our team of professionals is always ready to help you select the best exterior woodwork for your specific projects. Our windows and doors are easy to use, energy efficient and easy to maintain compared to other products on the market.

Our passion for the trade drives us to add real value to every project we deliver. Your commercial and residential spaces will acquire greater elegance and originality when they are enhanced with our entrance doors, balcony doors and windows.

A wide range of windows and doors with exceptional architectural styles, outstanding functionality, all with a very attractive manufacturing cost.

A varied range of Joinery with an Exceptional Architectural Style, Exceptional Functionality and a very Attractive Manufacturing Cost

Mestre Raposa International® has a vast range of products to suit countless architectural styles, at very attractive prices. Whether you’re a professional looking to reduce a building’s energy consumption or an architect renovating a historic façade, we have the perfect products to meet your needs.

Our products are meticulously designed to guarantee unrivalled quality and reliability in use. We offer a complete service from the moment we receive your request, to the technical analysis of the project, the validation of the measurements and the production process. The joinery is carefully delivered to your worksite and we are always available to advise the professionals who will be installing it afterwards.

Our Team

The dedicated members of our team have over 20 years combined experience in the window and door industry and are passionate about the sector. Quality, reliability, high performance and know-how are our key words. We are always ready to share our expertise with you to find the perfect solution to your needs.


Mestre Raposa International® has a wide range of windows in different shapes and functions: standard windows, Georgian bars windows, arched windows, tilt-and-turn windows, antique circle windows and many more.

Don’t hesitate to send us your drawings, we’ll be pleased to help you realize all your plans for your external joinery.

Our production and delivery times as well as our prices will be in line with your budget and time restrictions.

We guarantee to meet the aesthetic, energy-efficiency, and minimum functionality requirements of every project.


Choosing an entrance door or a balcony door is not an easy decision, as there are several criteria to consider in addition to the aesthetic aspect of this element. The ease of use, the durability of the materials and the security of the glazing and the closing mechanisms all need to be carefully checked before choosing a door type for a concrete project.

Mestre Raposa Portugal® has a wide range of contemporary and traditional doors that meet the highest safety standards, offering a high level of protection and respecting the architectural features of the space.


Our wooden windows and doors have been tested and certified by two renowned technical institutions: the Technological Institute of the University of Coimbra (ITECONS) and the Technological Institute for Forest Cellulose Wood Construction Furniture (FCBA, Bordeaux). Our wood and wood-aluminium profiles have obtained highly satisfying results, confirming the premium technology used by Mestre Raposa and warranting the high resistance of our windows and doors in terms of air and water permeability and wind resistance.

Trust Mestre Raposa to make your job easier...

Concentrate on the design, we’ll take care of the function!

Complex projects require highly customized solutions. The team Mestre Raposa International® can help you turn your ideas into reality, with top-quality products and support throughout the purchasing process, always considering your budgetary and technical requirements.

Your projects are in good hands!

Whether you’re an architect, contractor, property manager or window installer, Mestre Raposa International® offers you the benefit of its expertise and ongoing support to ensure that your projects run smoothly. We become a part of your team to meet all your needs throughout the project implementation process.

Our partnership and the use of our wood and aluminium products will enable you to gain a reputation as a leading company in your region.

Our range of quality products and personalized support from experts will enable you expand your customer portfolio. Our method of working has already been tried and tested in southern Europe for several years, and Mestre Raposa International® is already the preferred brand of architects, contractors and private clients in Portugal.

We’re more than just a window and door supplier, we see ourselves as the partner of choice for companies looking for innovative solutions for their major customer projects.

Whether you’re working on a new construction project or renovating an existing building, we’ll always be there to help: from state-of-the-art testing to continuous innovation, we go the extra mile to create perfectly designed windows and doors that your customers will be proud to own.

Of course, our team understand that every project is important! So, we carefully choose the projects where we think our expertise will be really needed and have a special preference for ambitious projects with high added value, our partnerships are also selected attentively.

If you think that Mestre Raposa International® would be the right partner for your company and your projects, send us an e-mail and we will be delighted to assist you.