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UV Protection for Wooden Windows and Doors

With two decades of expertise in the southern European market, Mestre Raposa leads in the manufacture of wooden windows and doors. Our extensive experience addresses the unique challenges posed by high UV radiation levels, particularly in coastal and mountainous regions.

Understanding the UV Challenge

Southern Europe’s wooden windows and doors endure significantly higher UV exposure compared to those in central and eastern Europe. This increased exposure necessitates advanced technical knowledge and superior manufacturing standards to ensure durability and quality.

Advanced Manufacturing Processes

Modern wooden window and door production extends beyond precise dimensioning. It requires integrated processes in surface treatment and manufacturing to meet rigorous quality standards.

Material-Specific Treatments

Mestre Raposa utilizes various wood types, each requiring tailored impregnation, intermediate and top coatings. Our impregnation process ensures uniform absorption across different woods like pine, larch and oak, providing robust protection against hydrocyanic acids and fungi.

Lignin Stabilization

Our lignin stabilization technique offers permanent protection from environmental stressors, addressing the increasing threat of environmental degradation.


Innovative Coating Solutions

Transparent Top Coats

Our highly transparent top coats deliver exceptional UV protection while preserving the natural appearance of the wood. This technology ensures long-lasting protection and an aesthetically pleasing matte finish.

2K Top Coats for Extreme Conditions

For extreme weather resilience, our water-based 2K top coats provide outstanding UV protection, scratch resistance and chemical resilience. These coatings maintain high elasticity despite their hardness, preventing damage and ensuring longevity. The result is superior weather and UV protection, along with high mechanical resistance and a distinctive pore pattern.

Durability for Wooden Doors

Our surface treatments offer exceptional UV protection and mechanical resistance, particularly around high-wear areas such as locks and door edges. This ensures maximum durability, preventing cracks and peeling, making it ideal for heavy-use environments like public buildings, offices, schools, hotels and similar facilities.

Commitment to Quality

Over the past 20 years, Mestre Raposa has successfully completed over 5,000 projects across Portugal, France and Spain. As a leader in quality, we offer a wide selection of wood types and over 2,000 color options from NCS Farben. Our qualified teams ensure precise and professional assembly for every project.

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