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The Mouton et Gueule de Loup Wooden Window

The memory of an ancestral know-how for the preservation of French heritage

Mouton et gueule de loup wooden window, exhibited at the Mestre Raposa showroom

If you have projects where preserving the architectural heritage is the most important requirement in the specifications, and you must choose between the charm of yesteryear and the energy performance demanded today, the “Mouton et Gueule de Loup”, or simply “Gueule de Loup”, wooden window from Mestre Raposa International® is the ideal solution for you!

Born at the end of the 18th century, the “Mouton et gueule de loup” wooden window owes its name to the carpenters of that time, who used more down-to-earth images to illustrate and name the systems and products they made, and thus saw in this window the mouth of a wolf coming to eat the poor sheep!

These windows are ideal for renovating protected buildings and places of character, town-center flats, classic Haussmann-style buildings typical of Paris and everywhere else in France, or simply for a taste for beautiful things.

Wherever you are in France, you can order made-to-measure Mouton et gueule de loup windows from Mestre Raposa International®, manufactured in the pure tradition of French architecture, which will be carefully delivered by us directly to your building site, with very reasonable delivery times.

Technical drawing MR GDL 56, Technical drawing MR GDL 68

Available in oak, Nordic pine, meranti or larch (depending on availability), Mouton et Gueule de loup wooden windows have a double all-round seal with a protective membrane, making them completely watertight, with excellent insulation and waterproofing performance, especially when fitted with double glazing like the one we offer.

In fact, the very principle of the Mouton et gueule de loup window is that its sashes are recessed into each other, which helps to improve its technical performance. In this type of windows, the moldings on the sashes are known to be atypical or specific: the “Mouton” molding on the first sash consists of a solid half-round which, when the window is closed, fits into the recessed half-round “Gueule de loup” molding on the second sash.

Another advantage of this type of closure is that it can be used for large heights, both for windows and balcony doors. And because the sashes are held tightly together, the risk of distortion over time is reduced.