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Lift-and-Slide Doors – Mestre Raposa France

Mestre Raposa - Portes levantes-coulissantes

At Mestre Raposa, we offer premium wood and wood-aluminium lift-and-slide doors combining top-notch skill with advanced technology. Created to meet the demands of modern construction, these doors transcend mere entryways, introducing a fresh way to experience space.

Lift-sliding doors are the premium product among sliding doors and meet the highest demands in terms of function, safety, thermal protection and design. Thanks to sophisticated technology, large openable areas in different versions are possible thanks to the stable construction. Counter-running and up to three openable sashes or sashes running into the wall are possible. That’s why lift-and-slide doors are installed where a high value on space and barrier-free access is desired, for example to the garden, winter garden, balcony or terrace. Lift-and-slide doors create a transparent feeling of space through large glass surfaces.

Whether you’re seeking a space with natural light or breathtaking views for your clients, our lift-and-slide doors transform ordinary spaces into extraordinary experiences.

Portes levantes-coulissantes

For over two decades, Mestre Raposa has been synonymous with excellence in window and door solutions. Founded with a vision to bridge the gap in the market for high-quality and technologically advanced windows and doors, our company has become a marker of expertise and reliability.

With a portfolio boasting over 5000 completed projects across Portugal, Spain and France, we have earned the trust of clients seeking superior quality and service. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to bringing your client’s vision to life, whether it’s a historic restoration project or a contemporary architectural work.

Explore our wide range of materials and styles to find the perfect complement to your projects. Whether you’re starting a new project or renovating an existing space, our team is here to help you.

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