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Improve Your Projects with Durable and Sustainable Accoya Wooden Windows from Mestre Raposa International®

As a leading player in the market of weather-resistant wooden windows and doors, Mestre Raposa International® has adeptly addressed the unique challenges presented by Portugal’s demanding climate, characterized by up to 300 sunny days a year and the impactful influence of the Atlantic climate. In these conditions, the stress on wooden windows and doors is significantly higher, requiring a solution that goes beyond conventional expectations.

Contrary to common misconceptions, wood can be a highly viable and durable material for windows, provided it undergoes modern and high-quality processing. Mestre Raposa International® has been at the forefront of this advancement, pioneering the implementation of Accoya wood in wooden window projects along the coastline a decade ago. Remarkably, these installations show no signs of wear or deterioration to date.

Accoya timber windows boast unique advantages, including resistance to swelling, shrinking and rot. Through acetylation treatment, the wood attains a hardness surpassing that of teak or other tropical woods, leading to reduced damage to the coating and significantly extended window lifespans. Accoya even offers an impressive 50-year guarantee on the durability of the wood.

Why Choose Accoya Wood for Your Business:

Versatility: Ideal for fabricating contemporary, historic and custom timber windows and doors of various shapes and types.

Sustainability: FSC® certified and sustainably sourced, contributing to environmental friendliness in comparison to alternatives like aluminum, PVC or tropical timber.

Extensive Color Options: Choose from a palette featuring all RAL colors and 1950 NCS colors to match your projects preferences.

Mestre Raposa International® is your dedicated partner for resilient wooden windows and doors. With over two decades of experience, we prioritize the significance of wooden windows and doors and offer a range of solutions tailored to your projects specific needs.

Whether you have a challenging wooden window project on the horizon or are exploring innovative doors options for a construction, Mestre Raposa International® is the right partner for you. Explore our projects page to witness firsthand the numerous successful projects we’ve realized over the past 20 years or book a video conference to discover our offerings further.

Partner with Mestre Raposa International® – where durability meets sustainability in wooden windows and doors.