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Gueule de Loup Wooden Windows and Doors

Fenêtres Bois: Fenêtres et Portes Mouton et Gueule de Loup
Guele de Loup Wooden Windows

Historical Evolution

In the 17th and 18th centuries, major innovations marked the evolution of windows right up to the 20th century. The desire for bright, light-filled rooms gave rise to new design and construction solutions. No other façade element has been the subject of so much discussion, and they are an undeniable functional element. Older windows, particularly those with Mouton et Gueule de loup profiles, carry important historical values and reflected the social status of the client, the design intentions of the architect and the craftsmanship of the artisans.

Historic monuments and buildings are nowadays controlled by the ABF “Architectes des Bâtiments de France”, who ensure the preservation of France’s architectural heritage, while maintaining the traditional Mouton et Gueule de loup windows in these protected areas. Today, this window profile, still used in France and other parts of the world, can be manufactured more easily, and Mestre Raposa International® uses CNC machines from German manufacturer WEINIG to produce high-quality windows that meet the aesthetic and technical requirements of ABF.

As historic windows and doors are more highly valued than standard wooden windows, Mestre Raposa International’s Mouton et Gueule de loup profile is also available in Accoya wood, for which Mestre Raposa International® provides a 20-year guarantee.

About Construction

The unusual name “Mouton et Gueule de loup” describes a leaf system in which the vertical folds are not angular but semicircular. One of the two leaves has a solid semicircle that fits with a slightly smaller radius into a hollow semicircle on the other side of the leaf. When both leaves engage on closing, we speak figuratively of a Mouton.

Often the two terms are taken together, and we speak of sheep and wolf’s mouth. The construction is based on the physical principle that, due to the rounded joint, little or no air can circulate through the two leaves.

The Fitting

A vertical bar, Espagnolette or surface mounted Cremone bolt is used to open and close the window. They are available in many shapes and colors and can be embellished with additional decorative elements. Lateral turlupets are also available as elements reminiscent of the antique style of these joineries.

Sustainability and Ecological Benefits

Wood is a renewable raw material and comes from certified sources (Northern Europe). It contains no toxic substances and is extremely long-lasting but requires regular maintenance.

The production of high-quality windows and doors in Mouton et gueule de loup profiles does not require the use of joints or fillers that are harmful to the environment, as their design is based on a physical principle and is therefore equally suited to new ecological and sustainable construction measures as well as to the renovation of historic buildings.

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