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Antibacterial and Antimicrobial Windows and Doors

Mestre Raposa offers antibacterial and antimicrobial window and door handles, enhancing the safety and hygiene of our premium windows and doors.

The Importance of Hygiene in Modern Construction

In light of recent global pandemics, including Covid-19, the emphasis on hygiene in building design has never been greater. Door handles are notorious for harboring germs, making them potential hotspots for disease transmission. Innovative antibacterial and antimicrobial surface technologies are essential in mitigating these risks.

Advanced Technology for Safety

Mestre Raposa integrates SecuSan® technology from the esteemed German brand HOPPE®. SecuSan® surfaces have been rigorously tested in both laboratory and field settings, demonstrating their effectiveness in actively suppressing pathogen growth on door and window handles.

How SecuSan® Technology Works:
  • High bacterial load on the surface.
  • Silver ions disrupt the cell membrane of the germ.
  • Germs are neutralized.
  • Significant reduction in bacterial load on the surface.

SecuSan® incorporates silver ions within a ceramic glass carrier system, which inhibit the proliferation of bacteria, algae and fungi. These ions disrupt the cell membranes of pathogens, halting respiration and nutrient absorption, effectively preventing cell division and growth. Independent testing confirms that SecuSan® reduces microbial presence by over 99%, maintaining its efficacy even with regular cleaning.

Applications for SecuSan® Antibacterial Handles

We highly recommend SecuSan® antibacterial handles for environments with high occupancy and stringent hygiene requirements, such as healthcare facilities, educational institutions, gyms and hotels. As pandemics and health concerns rise, utilizing this technology can significantly improve the safety of your building projects. Mestre Raposa remains committed to providing superior quality windows and doors. Incorporating antibacterial and antimicrobial handles into your big projects ensures a higher standard of hygiene and safety for end-users.

For further details on integrating these advanced solutions into your projects, please contact our team.